Orange Engineering

Here at Maxxis we pride ourself on our technical excellence, our innovation and our standards of high quality. Our scientists and R&D departments are constantly striving to create better and safer tyres using the most advanced processes and rigorous testing methods, setting benchmarks to which other tyre manufacturers aspire. With meticulous attention to detail our aim is to create the most superior products possible, bringing customers tyres they can trust and rely on.

Orange Engineering encompasses the entire ethos of our tyre development and production process – our people, our philosophy, our pursuit of perfection – from the use of homegrown rubber and strict controls on raw materials right through to the stringent inspection process.

Nano Dispersed SIO2

Working at a molecular level Maxxis has harnessed nano-dispersement technology to combine silica rich compounds with finely ground, consistently sized carbon black particles, producing better distribution and bonding with the rubber. The result is better grip and extended life.

Ultra R Rubber

Our Research and Development departments are constantly striving to produce more advanced and better performing rubber compounds that deliver improved performance. In Ultra R Rubber they have achieved an outstanding tread compound which delivers long life, good fuel consumption and superior wet grip.

MTS Skin

MTS stands for Maxxis Triple Shield, which is offered on all Maxxis radial light truck tyres with 8-ply and 10-ply ratings. It means these tyres have a true 3-ply sidewall construction while almost all competitive products only have 2-ply sidewalls. With this extra 'skin' Maxxis MTS tyres provide a more robust and durable tyre, with a greater sidewall puncture resistance. 


The revolutionary process that allows our scientists to predict a tyre's performance before it enters production

In order to test tyre concepts in the early stages of design, Maxxis engineers created Virtual Intelligent Prototyping, or VIP Technology. This revolutionary technology combines a series of computer-aided analysis programs that lay out a framwork for each tyre's design. The system factors in pressure points at varying inflation levels and contact points to simulate cornering, acceleration, braking and the effects of strain and wear. 

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