Lee Bowers

Hometown: London

Racing Series: Ultra 4, Dirt Riot

Maxxis Tyre of Choice: Maxxis Supermaxx ST & Supermaxx Touring

Race Wins:

  • 2011-2017 1st in UK Stunt Competition"
  • 2014 1st in Freestyle SBF Euro Competition at Wembley
  • 2013 2nd in Freestyle competition at Lyon, France

‘The Maxxis Tyre helps me perform immensely. I use a Supermaxx ST front and a M6029 rear which gives me maximum grip on the front of the bike and durability on the rear which is perfect for me and what I do’


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Lee Bowers Interview

When did you start riding? 
"I started riding at the age of 10, it was my 1st ever go and I was hooked since."

What was your first bike? 
"At the age of 13 I got a Kawasaki KX80."

When was your first show of stunts/first race?
"I started stunting in 2007 and did my first show in 2009 in Dubai festival city."

When did you start competing outside your own country?
"2010 - I went to Poland Europe stunt GP and SBF Wembley European competitions and returned for many years after." 

Who did you look up to when you started stunting? 
"A lot of good American riders, Jason Britton to name one. I always loved Valentino Rossi as a racer too."

Who inspires you to push yourself?
"Just watching all of the new up and coming riders and tricks - I like to try them myself."

What do you think is the most important part of your bike to help you stunt? 
"I always think my tyres are the most important and keeping the bike maintained well. Suspension and brakes are quite important too."

Can you maintain your own bike if needed? Are you a mechanic? 
"I do 99% of the work on my bikes myself. I am a self-trained mechanic, working on bikes since I was a kid - I know my stunt bikes inside out. I get my engines refreshed by MSS Kawasaki a couple of times a year." 

What do you enjoy most about doing stunts and racing?
"I love the freedom of the stunts and that I can do wheelies, or burnouts, whenever I want to. On the track, I can go as fast as I want and not have to worry about speed limits and traffic etc."

What kind of stunts do you enjoy the most?
"I love all kinds of stunts - I just love to perform in front of crowds of people that enjoy what I do, I have some signature tricks that only I do as well."

Do you have other bikes of your own?
"I own quite a few bikes, from small KLX110 to big ZX10 track bikes. I also own a Kawasaki H2 supercharged bike. I use KLX110, KX85, KX450, ZX636 custom and a ZX636 drift bike in my shows."

What has been your favourite bike to ride?
"I have been riding my ZX636 for many, many years, it's like a part of my body so I would say that's my favourite overall to ride. But I really enjoy riding a variety of bikes to keep the enjoyment flowing."

Lee uses

Supermaxx Touring
Maxxis has developed the M6029 Supermaxx touring tyre using virtual intelligent prototyping and finite element analysis [FEA] - the most advanced computer technology.
Sports Touring
Supermaxx ST
The NEW Maxxis Supermaxx ST delivers the very latest in radial construction technology, an all-new design that features mono-spiral steel belts for improved structural rigidity, resulting in outstanding cornering performance.
Sports Touring



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