Maxxis Winter Tyres Named in Top Five by NAF

22 December 2014

Recent tests carried out by the Norwegian motoring association, NAF (Norges Automobil-Forbund) have shown Maxxis Arctic Trekker tyres are some of the best in the world at overcoming the country’s challenging driving conditions.

NAF undertook tests on twelve studless tyres in a total of five disciplines, performance on ice, snow, wet and dry, with each of these categories including a number of sub-tests, braking distance, traction and rolling resistance.  Maxxis scored an average rating of 7.7, surpassing the score of comparative tyres from the likes of Bridgestone, Pirelli and Dunlop.

Commenting on the recent results, UK managing director Derek McMartin said: “Norway has some of the most extreme and demanding driving conditions in the world, so it is a great achievement to be recognised for producing one of the best tyres to cope with them. Our research and development team is dedicated to providing and delivering exactly what a driver needs, whatever weather conditions they find themselves in. We invest heavily in R&D and use advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that we are producing the best products possible for our customers. We are devoted to providing excellence across our brand and ensuring that we provide drivers with the highest quality, safest winter tyres possible.”

The Maxxis Arctic Trekker SP-02 asymmetrical snow tyre has been specifically designed for winter conditions, with high-density 3D ripple sipes to help improve the overall wear pattern and traction on snow and icy surfaces. The silica-infused tread compound minimises the hardening effect and widens the operational temperature to help improve grip and stopping distance in hazardous conditions.

The saw-tooth pattern design and bridges on the shoulder blocks offers superior handling and traction on snowy surfaces, as well as increase tread stiffness and improve tread contact and cornering stability. The SP-02 has also been identified by the M&S Mountain Snowflake certification, meaning that it meets the required performance in snow testing.

To find out more about Maxxis’ range of Nordic tyres visit,

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