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11 March 2013

Maxxis performance tyres are designed and built to deliver the optimum blend of high speed stability, low noise levels, quick response ...

Maxxis performance tyres are designed and built to deliver the optimum blend of high speed stability, low noise levels, quick response, wet and dry grip, and miles to the gallon.

As one of the world's top ten tyre manufacturers, Maxxis is continually looking to improve the performance of all its tyres. The opening of the new test track in China last year signified a significant leap forward for Maxxis tyre performance, with separate courses dedicated to testing tyre performance at high speed, braking distances, dry and wet handling, pass-by noise, ride, durability, vibration and harshness and the general performance of its tyres.

The ZR9 is a recent addition to the Maxxis high performance range, and is designed for on-track racing. It features a directional tread pattern design for impressive handling characteristics; large shoulder blocks that support cornering and stability, and V-shaped grooves in the centre for efficient water dispersion.

The Maxxis PRO R1 aims to deliver high levels of wet and dry weather performance, cut fuel consumption and reduce tyre noise. This is achieved through Maxxis' advanced silica rich 'Ultra R Rubber' tread compound, and innovative structural design features. All of which enhances handling whilst reducing pattern vibration and frequency.

In answer to the increasing number of performance 4x4s, Maxxis has developed the Marauder II MAS2. This performance tyre comes with an innovative unidirectional tread pattern and double body plies for precise cornering, high-speed handling stability in all weathers, a smoother ride and greater durability. Combined with its jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap, open shoulder design features make the MAS2 one of today's best high performance 4x4 tyres of its kind, delivering the highest quality, all year round.

Maxxis is constantly working on advanced technology in its tyres, as UK Managing Director, Derek McMartin confirms, "We are proud to have our very own test track, dedicated to providing data that will keep our tyres at the cutting edge of the market, making sure that our tyres stay at the forefront of quality and performance. We are constantly looking at ways in which to improve the technology that goes into our tyres, something we call Orange Engineering, and therefore giving our customers the outstanding quality and durability that they expect from Maxxis."

Maxxis has made substantial advances in ensuring that the performance of its high speed tyres is constantly developing to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

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