4x4 trends and how to make them work for you

06 April 2017

In the last edition of On Track, Andrew Reitzner was announced as the new key account manager for specialist tyres. Here, he talks through the changing trends of 4x4 vehicles, and advises on what you, as dealers, can do in order to cater for and capitalise on these new demands.

“In recent years, 4x4 vehicles have become more prevalent on UK roads. Car insurer, Admiral, identified that Aberdeenshire and West and South West London dominated 4x4 vehicle concentration within the UK, with more than 25% of cars being four-wheel drive vehicles in these areas. This represents the fact that 4x4 vehicles are no longer exclusively reserved for the British farmer on his trek from field to field; these days, per Admiral’s findings, Range Rovers, Audi Q7s and BMW X5s, amongst others, have also made up 4x4 sales, as they have become the ultimate status symbol on the streets. This popularity has subsequently brought to light the number of poor tyre fitting carried out across the country, highlighting a need for better education on the correct tyres needed, according to the vehicle’s use.

“Trend awareness is key for maintaining a reputation built on expertise, promoting customer loyalty, and ultimately, improving sales. As a result, dealers are recommended to commit themselves to understanding the needs of the individual, and selecting the most suitable tyre offerings that will reassure customers that they have their best interests in mind."

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