Zietsman races back into action at Ard Rock

08 August 2017

After a tragic injury that put Maxxis sponsored rider Martin Zietsman out for 14 weeks, he managed to get back on the saddle and tackle the biggest enduro event of the season, Ard Rock.

With over 3000 riders taking part in the 4 enduro events across the weekend, he knew this was an event he couldn't afford to miss. It is known as Ard Rock for a reason and is definitely an event to challenge the fittest and most skilled riders in the country.

Knowing how hard the event would be and how weak his wrist still was, Martin was weary to ride but decided to attempt the 3-stage practice session on Friday to see if he could even hold on and get down. Needless to say, the trails were as challenging as advertised and he had to stop and give the wrist a few breaks during practice. Martin was not yet able to put weight on my wrist when descending, meaning he had to hang off the back of the bike and hope that he was able to get through it.

Feeling after this that he would only be able to manage 3 stages of the main event on the Saturday, Zietsman against all odds, rode all 6 stages over the 45km with his wrist getting stronger as he went.

There is still more recovery time needed for this Maxxis rider until he is back up the front racing for the podium spots again but with hard work and Ard Rock having given him that first step Martin will be back to fighting for the top spot in no time.

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