Searle closes in on championship lead

05 July 2016

The Team took the long trip up to the overcast circuit of Leuchars, Scotland for the 5th round of the MAXXIS ACU British Motocross Championship. An excellent and well prepped circuit welcomed them to a great start, with Tommy throwing some great laps in qualifying. It was obvious that the team would be against it with local-GP hero Shaun Simpson at his home track with the fans all supporting him. Still, half a second off Shaun in Qualifying Tommy likened to the rough conditions at the end of the session, putting in a second advantage and taking pole position.

The first race took off to a good start, and despite the well prepped track the conditions soon turned the track rather one-liney, making it difficult to pass the leader Jake Nicholls. With a few laps left Searle knew he had to make a choice, but his charge was short lived as he span out going for the overtake. With only two laps to go Searle went full gas to try and regain some time, but fell just half a second short of taking the lead by the finish.

Annoyed at some of his first race mistakes, Tommy came into the second race with a strong game plan to get out ahead and put the hammer down early on to avoid the one-line effect from the first race. This worked out well as he managed to secure the holeshot, but was short-lived as a mistake allowed fan favourite Simpson to pass - much to the crowds delight. Not to be put off by this, Tommy got his head down and chased the Scot down to the last few laps - eventually making the pass as a back marker got caught up in the action. Tommy pushed hard and clean to take the race win, as well as the overall result of the day with a 2-1. 

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