Japspeed raise £1800 for Children In Need

01 August 2017

It’s the time of year where show season gets into full swing for us here at Team Japspeed. This weekend saw Maxxis sponsored Team Japspeed return to Carfest North for BBC Children In Need where we put on a drift display every year down the tight straw bale lined course for the 40,000 strong crowds every day. This is a great event with something for everybody including a huge range of cars, horse displays, food exhibitions and stalls, live music all night and so much more.

Friday saw the rain come in very heavily meaning that they couldn’t put on quite the smoke show that we wanted to. However, Matt ‘Doorhunter’ Carter and Paul ‘Smokey’ Smith made sure that the crowd were presented with insane speeds in the wet sideways around the tight, blind corners and getting to the extremes of lock, scraping against the hay bales with their rear bumpers to put on an amazing show. If the visual spectacle wasn’t enough then the sound of Matt Carter’s savage anti-lag set up provided plenty to wow the crowds.

As the weekend moved forwards, the weather brightened up with Saturday being sunny meaning the team were able to burn off our Maxxis VR1 tyres to full effect. With fellow Maxxis teammate, Jerry, setting the bar high with his off road truck burnouts on the RAZR MT at the start line, Carter and Smokey knew that had to do some serious burnouts to top it. With anti-lag switched on in both cars the challenge was accepted and a crazy smoke show was delivered to the crowd before they had even reached the start line.

With the track now dry, the guys were able to push faster and faster getting even closer to each other than before to make their performance even more exciting. Constant off-throttle flames and billowing tyre smoke made the demonstration a real crowd pleaser.

As Carfest is in aid of Children In Need the team decided to join forces with Sporting Bears; an organisation of volunteers that offer passenger rides in their supercars in exchange for a donation to charity. Therefore, they sold a spot in the passenger seat for every outing the cars had allowing us to raise £1800 for Children In Need. It also meant that Japspeed could give some passengers an incredible experience for them to remember for a long time to come.

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