A Drift Year in Review

06 October 2016

With the Irish and British Drift Championship series concluded for another year, we’re looking back at what a great year it has been.

From an incredible debut for Shane Lynch and the new supercharged 370z at BDC Round 1, to the Drift Kings competition at JapFest where newest Japspeed recruit Matt Carter putting in 100mph+ reverse entries!

The Irish Drift Championship season came to an explosive end at Mondello Park with Shane ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan taking 4th at the final round. Although this may not have earned Shane a spot on the podium at the event, his spectacular performances throughout the season ensured a 3rd place finish in the overall 2016 standings.

Throughout the 2016 season Shane’s aggressive driving style has consistently seen him place well; particularly at Rounds 1 and 4 which saw him take 2nd and 4th places respectively.

Meanwhile, the British Drift Championship revolution came to a dramatic end with Team Japspeed’s Matt Carter sustaining some noticeable cosmetic damage at the final round. Although it may not have been his best performance of the year, it is fair to say Matt has performed exceptionally well during his first year as part of Team Japspeed.

Piloting his 2JZ-powered Nissan Skyline Matt is a fierce competitor who consistently positions himself squarely on the door of his competitor; a tactic which quickly earned him the nickname ‘Doorhunter’.

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