Tyre Shop Chingford Gets Max-Factor Looks

27 June 2014

The Tyre Shop is the latest high profile dealer to get the Maxxis look. Despite only having been open a year, the management team at the Chingford outlet felt they would benefit from the Maxxis make-over treatment, and just a few weeks later the move has brought a boost for the business.

When the Tyre Shop set up in 2013, the team behind the new venture went to Stapletons looking for high quality products across all price ranges, with a reliable supply. Maxxis fitted the bill perfectly for the mid-range offering, as co-owner Henning Dahl confirms: “We’ve built a successful business very quickly by focusing on customer service and product advice. New car owners seem to want straight replacements in the first couple of years, but once value-for-money becomes the deciding factor we’re happy to recommend Maxxis in almost all situations.”

“As a growing tyre brand, Maxxis is becoming evermore recognised for its good levels of performance, its high quality and its very attractive price point. With consumer buying behaviours changing, people are looking beyond what has traditionally been considered to be the premium brands and are focusing on quality and price points, which is exactly what Maxxis is all about. When people come in and see the distinctive and professional Maxxis branding it makes that first recommendation a lot easier. Since opening our doors just over a year ago and choosing to have a complete Maxxis overhaul, we have seen sales of Maxxis tyres increase dramatically. It is satisfying for us to know that we’re matching drivers with the right tyres, and it must be fulfilling for Maxxis knowing that people are choosing to run their vehicles on Maxxis because of the superb quality and durability.”

The Tyre Shop make over is part of the Maxxis Centre of Excellence programme, which is designed to reward dealers by providing bespoke signage and marketing materials. The scheme is open to all Maxxis dealers through key distributor, Stapletons.

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