Star Quality from Maxxis in the Movies

04 February 2016

When it comes to consistent performance and affordability, Maxxis Trepadors clearly have the X-factor. So when the time comes for stunt drivers to choose rubber they can rely on to slip, slide, tilt and flip their 4x4 vehicles, the Trepador is first choice for the best of the best.

Recent onscreen appearances include the Maxxis Trepador’s driving the action on Land Rover Defenders in the latest James Bond all action thriller, Spectre. As well as 007, stunt drivers have chosen to use the Trepadors in the Man from U.N.C.L.E. on a Dakar-style buggy and on bespoke off-road machines in Mad Max: Fury Road.

As part of a special promotion for Mad Max: Fury Road during the Spanish Grand Prix earlier this year and prior to the release of the film, Warner Bros partnered up with Lotus F1 Team to design and build a one-off F1 car, featuring Maxxis Trepadors, in honour of the new Mad Max: Fury Road film.

In addition to their stunning good looks, the Maxxis Trepador tyres were chosen for these crucial roles due to the fact their response to the adverse loads that extreme driving puts them under is uniform. This means that stunt teams can predict the outcomes of their manoeuvres much easily, therefore minimising the potential for any extremely expensive accidents, which is probably why so many 4x4 vehicle drivers and extreme 4x4 race teams choose Maxxis.

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