Maxxis Packs Give Dealers the Full Story

12 September 2013

Maxxis is moving to ensure its dealers know everything they need to about the company, its products, principles and history. New dealer packs will be distributed through Stapleton’s over the coming weeks, each containing details of Maxxis, it’s OE homologations, place in the market, marketing initiatives, sponsorship deals, online presence, guarantees and product highlights.

Entitled “Focused on the road ahead”, the information folder is seen as a good way for Maxxis to ensure its place in the world’s top ten tyre manufacturers is recognised by the people who help maintain it success, as Maxxis International Managing Director, Derek McMartin confirms:

“We expect our dealers to recommend Maxxis tyres, and we think giving them information on ourselves and our products will make that a lot easier. Knowing that we are an original equipment supplier for marques such as Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Renault and Mitsubishi should give dealers total confidence to tell their customers we’re right up there in terms of quality and reliability, but without the increased cost of what have traditionally been called a ‘premium brand’ tyres. We’re more than competing in the premier league of manufacturers, and with just about everyone looking for the same quality at lower cost we’re making great strides in the UK market.”

New and existing Maxxis dealers will receive their pack shortly via their Stapleton’s account manager.

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