Maxxis Online Label Finder Marks it Out as Miles Ahead

29 March 2013

Maxxis has revealed that its ‘Label Finder System’ is proving to be a complete success after feedback from its dealers and supply partners. Maxxis...

Maxxis has revealed that its 'Label Finder System' is proving to be a complete success after feedback from its dealers and supply partners. Maxxis went one step ahead of its competitors and put the label finder system in place four months before the European Union Law came into place in November last year, giving dealers the ability to make a more informed choice when buying tyres.

The 'Label Finder System', uses an application programming interface (API) to let dealers access Maxxis' tyre labelling data and show it on their own websites, clearly communicating the wet braking, noise levels, and rolling resistance of its tyre ranges to both retailers and distributors. Alternatively, dealers can use i-frame technology to show the information, saving dealers the trouble of building their own webpage and increasing accuracy for both themselves and online customers. This enables them to print off labels when they require, saving time and effort for busy staff.

Maxxis was vocal in its support for the European tyre regulation that came into place last year, as UK Managing Director, Derek McMartin confirms, "We are continuously developing our range of tyres, so that we continue to meet the safety and environmental standards that are required by European Law. One of our main reasons for developing our advanced technology, something we call Orange Engineering, was to enable us to facilitate the management of our labelling process. Being able to clearly communicate the virtues of our range of tyres is of great benefit to the Maxxis brand."

Maxxis is continually looking to improve the performance of its tyres, as well as the quality of the materials that go into manufacturing them. With the opening of its test track in October last year, Maxxis are frequently analysing and developing its ranges to ensure that its ranges are of the best possible quality but to make sure that it continues to meet European Law Standards.

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