Maxxis Makes Appointment to Get a Grip of Social Media

20 June 2013

Top Ten Tyre Manufacturer looks to increase focus on digital campaign through appointment of online content developer Maxxis International...

Top Ten Tyre Manufacturer looks to increase focus on digital campaign through appointment of online content developer Maxxis International has announced the appointment of Jas Ghata-Aura as its new online content developer. Jas' previous experience includes building websites, running social media campaigns, search engine optimisation (SEO), and graphic design, all of which will come in handy as Maxxis' aims to raise its profile and diversify the demographics of consumers buying its products.

Maxxis' efforts to heighten focus on digital communications, is driven by its belief that online and social media platforms are fast becoming the most effective ways of communicating directly with consumers. With a strong existing following on its social media channels, the appointment of Jas will help strengthen and build Maxxis' presence and give existing and potential customers the opportunity to interact with the brand and its assets on a daily basis.

The challenge of engaging a typically young audience with a tyre manufacturer is no mean feat, as Jas confirms: "I am hoping to build on Maxxis' ever-growing presence throughout the UK by raising its profile through many various channels, focusing mainly on social media. Building brand value in a company that makes something many consider to be a distress purchase will not be simple, but with the British Drift Championship, Motorsport events, and Maxxis Babes sponsorship I certainly feel I have all the tools I need to raise the profile with a diverse audience through things like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram."

Jas will report directly to Maxxis UK Marketing Manager Amy Colbourne. Maxxis believe this is a great time to be joining the team, as Amy explains: "Jas's introduction has come at a crucial point in the company's development. We need to widen Maxxis' outreach and due to the competitive online market, and the investment Maxxis is making in the growth of its marketing department will enable us to build brand awareness and ensure Maxxis remains one of the top ten manufacturers in the world."

You can view Maxxis' social media profiles at ,, and


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