Maxxis Figures Show No Detour From Road to Success

30 June 2014

Maxxis has released its 2013 financial results, with the global tyre giant’s books showing increased sales and consistent profits. The latest figures show that Maxxis has retained its position of 9th top tyre manufacturer in the World. The Taiwan-based Maxxis Group has seen turnover rise from $4,630 million in 2012 to $4,769 million in 2013, and net profit remaining at around 14% of that figure.

In light of the continuing challenges associated with an adverse economic climate, and the volatile nature of the current market, holding station is considered to be a great achievement by all at Maxxis International, as managing director Derek McMartin confirms: “Holding ground in terms of market share, sales and profits in the current financial environment is very satisfying for us all. It goes to show that our brand is strong enough to withstand the aggressive discounting some of our competitors are being forced in to, and the pinch still being felt by many of our customers.

“Maxxis is focused on providing dealers with good value, high quality products that they are happy to recommend based on the level of performance they deliver to their customers, and the margin they can make for themselves. If we continue to deliver those two things I think we will continue to not only hold our ground, but accelerate our growth in all of the regions we serve around the world.”

Maxxis financial results include sales from all sides of its business, which includes divisions specialising in original equipment and replacement tyres for passenger cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, 4x4, light agricultural vehicles, trailer, motorsport and cycling. 

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