Maxxis' Business Model as Easy as 1, 2, 3

29 July 2014

Maxxis has enhanced its existing Triple 3 (T3) business model by adding other key attributes to make sure the company continues to progress as one of the world’s top ten tyre manufacturers.

The addition of further areas of focus has been made with the aim of establishing the brand to achieve its ultimate target of being the number one tyre manufacturer in the world.  

Until now, Maxxis has followed its T3 business model, which highlighted the principles of 100% quality, 100% service and 100% trust. However, having achieved so much with this business philosophy, it has introduced additional explicit elements of respect and care, as well as appreciation, to form the new 3+2+1 model.

The 3+2+1 structure embodies the company’s commitment to ensure that it continues to do everything it can to serve customers and consumers in the best way possible. Respecting not only its employees and customers, but the environment itself, is extremely important for Maxxis, and has helped fuel its ongoing success. Showing due diligence every minute of every day has guaranteed that all aspects of the business can present Maxxis at its very best.

Maxxis is hoping that the 3+2+1 business model will help it continue to make progress in the automotive market, as UK managing director, Derek McMartin confirms: “Putting the 3+2+1 business model in place means that we can carry on serving customers worldwide and continue strengthening our position in the market to ensure we reach our ultimate goal of being the number one tyre manufacturer in the world. The procedures and policies that we follow detail the principles that Maxxis adheres to in order to reach our management goals of total quality, service and trust. Once these goals have been achieved, we are able to then reach our strategic objectives, to grow, to be global and to be innovative. I believe that having this process in place, we can improve brand loyalty and strengthen Maxxis as one of the best tyre manufacturers in the world.”

This recent announcement comes following last year’s success of being formally recognised by Forbes Magazine in September, as one of Asia’s top 50 companies. 

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