Maxxis Asian and African Conference

12 July 2012

Representatives from Maxxis subsidiary companies and distributors assembled in Pattaya, Thailand from June 25-27 for the inaugural Maxxis Asian and African Distributor Conference with the aim of generating and sharing ideas to drive the tyre manufacturer's business forward.

Companies responsible for the distribution of Maxxis tyres across the Middle East, Africa and South and South East Asia were invited to attend the conference and delegates travelled from Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates; Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka; Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa; and Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

Taking the theme 'Rev It Up - Beyond All Limits', the conference highlighted the need for all Maxxis partners to play a vital role in 'creating momentum, overcoming current limits and achieving greater goals'.

Maxxis President, Dr Wally Chen, opened the conference at a gala dinner and went on to talk about the Maxxis family and how Maxxis, with the support of its employees, suppliers and distributors, has undergone major growth in recent years.  Dr Chen then presented his Triple 3 concept, which is the cornerstone of the Maxxis business strategy.  The model not only sets out the approach required to deliver 100% Quality, 100% Service and 100% Trust, but also determines how this platform will drive Maxxis forward by enabling it to achieve its three core strategic objectives: to grow, to be global and to be innovative.

The seminar programme comprised a series of presentations - including technical briefing sessions, new product updates and announcements regarding Maxxis corporate strategy and marketing plans - from Maxxis companies in the UK, USA, Thailand, Iran and Egypt, plus partners in Malaysia and the Philippines.  All the business sessions were designed to help Maxxis distributors create breakthrough strategies to grow their markets against a backdrop of difficult ongoing economic trading conditions.

The conference schedule also included a guided tour of the Maxxis factory in Rayong, which is the blueprint for the development of new Maxxis plants in China.  The facilities have been upgraded and expanded recently to meet increasing demand from OE partners, including vehicle manufacturers in Thailand, India and Indonesia, and the aftermarket.

Lenny Lee, director, sales and marketing at Maxxis International, said: "We are delighted that so many of our partners in the Middle East, Asia and Africa were able to join us for this important conference and very much value their input into the plans that will not only determine our strategic direction across Africa and Asia, but will also support their own efforts to develop business in key markets."

On a lighter note, delegates were also able to enjoy the 2012 Maxxis Football Cup, held at Pattaya K-Football Stadium.  Maxxis sees this kind of sporting event, like the highly successful friendly football match played in June last year by Maxxis Thailand and dealers from Iran, as a good way of strengthening ties and boosting morale.  Playing 30 minutes each way in the Cup games, Maxxis Thailand 1 against Maxxis Iran ended in a 5-5 draw and then Maxxis Thailand 2 managed a 5-3 win over Maxxis Egypt.

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