Are you having a good or bad air day?

25 September 2017

As an organisation dedicated to its corporate social responsibility agenda, Maxxis is a longstanding CIO member of TyreSafe and sits on the charity’s board.

Having joined the organisation in 2012, Maxxis takes tyre safety very seriously and invests thousands each year in its state of the art research and development facilities to ensure its tyres incorporate the latest compounds and technologies to provide enhanced levels of safety to drivers and motorcyclists.

Dedicated to providing motorists with quality, value for money tyres that have safety and performance at their core, Maxxis managing director, Derek McMartin, believes TyreSafe is pivotal in continuing to educate motorists about the need to purchase new tyres from reputable dealers, and maintain them in accordance with the latest best practice.

Commenting on 2017’s Tyre Safety Month, which takes place each year in October, Derek said: “We’re very proud to be part of TyreSafe and welcomed the charity’s call for motorists to ensure their tyres are inflated to their vehicle manufacturer’s recommended levels. It’s a chilling thought to consider that an estimated 57 per cent of cars and vans on the road are being driven below the recommended PSI. Not only will this be costing motorists more in fuel, and making the tyres more susceptible to wear and damage, it can seriously compromise drivers’ and other road users’ safety.

“We’re fully behind TyreSafe’s Are You Having a Good or Bad Air Day? campaign and recognise the important role that each and every one of us in the tyre industry has in helping motorists make informed decisions and remove risk.”

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