• Motocross/Enduro tyres
  • We do not recommend repairs to any radial motorcycle tyres
  • Unsuitable use, where the technical characteristics of the tyre are incompatible with use irregular and/or premature wear caused by non-asphalt road surfaces or roads in poor state of repair
  • Repairable damage to the tread area
  • Acts of vandalism or theft
  • Damage due to the poor fitting or removal of a wheel and/or tyre
  • Acts of God, fire, accident damage or ensuing problems
  • Problems resulting from not following prescribed tyre inflation pressures
  • The use of defective and/or unsuitable wheels
  • Loads exceeding prescribed limits as set by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Damage due to improper use and/or prolonged use of snow chains
  • Load indices, speed ratings and tyre sizes not corresponding to the vehicle’s registration documents
  • Deterioration caused by prolonged contact with acids, solvents, hydrocarbons or mineral oils
  • Wear caused as a result of mechanical defect in the vehicle
  • The guarantee applies to tyres purchased in the UK



  • M7311 MaxxCross SI Pro - Soft/Intermediate
  • M7313 MaxxEnduro - FIM Enduro
  • M7314 MaxxEnduro - FIM Enduro
  • M7314K MaxxEnduro -  FIM Enduro
  • M7319 Trialmaxx - Hybrid Trials
  • M7320 Trialmaxx - Hybrid Trials
  • M7307 MaxxCross Pro SM - SandMaster
  • M7308 MaxxCross Pro SM - SandMaster
  • M7311 MaxxCross SI Pro
  • M7312 MaxxCross SI Pro - Soft/Intermediate
  • M7304 MaxxCross IT - Intermediate
  • M7305 MaxxCross IT - Intermediate
  • MA-F1
  • MA-R1


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