Tread Depth

Check the tyre tread regularly. Wear indicator bars, which are raised areas at the base of the tread, serve as a visual warning that the tyre is near to or at the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm. 

It is recommended that tyres are replaced when 3mm of tread remains. The less tread there is, the greater the stopping distance in the wet, and the greater the risk of skidding.

Motorcycle and truck tyres have a minimum legal depth of 1mm, for more information on motorcycle tyre safety click here and for truck tyres click here

Tread Depth

Also, worn tyres will aquaplane more easily, the limited tread depth being unable to disperse sufficient water to maintain contact with the road surface.

Stopping Distances

If you need any further tyre advice, visit your local Maxxis dealer.

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