All tyres should be examined for signs of wear and damage regularly but this is particularly important for caravans when they have not been used for an extended period. Caravans, motorhomes and trailer tents which are not used over the winter period should have their tyres thoroughly inspected prior to re-use during the spring and summer.

When examining the tyres, particular attention should to be paid to looking for signs of age deterioration such sidewall cracking or carcass deformation. Other signs of wear and damage can be found by clicking Inspection and checks.

Tyres left on a stationary vehicle, particularly if parked in coastal areas, will suffer from ageing issues much more quickly than those in regular and frequent use. If possible, caravans left standing for any length of time should have their tyres covered to shield them from damaging UV rays and be jacked up to remove any load on the tyres.

If you are in any doubt about the condition of your tyres, have them checked immediately by a qualified tyre specialist.

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