Tyres are the only part of the caravan or trailer which are in contact with the road surface. Safety in acceleration, braking, steering and cornering all rely on the tyres' relatively small contact area with the road surface. In addition, tyres also play a fundamental role in the suspension systems of caravans. With such an important role, it is essential that tyres are properly maintained and regular checks are carried out. With the correct care and attention your tyres will help to ensure you arrive safely at your holiday destination safely, without disruption and with minimal cost.

Caravan and Trailer Tyre Pressures

Whatever tyres are fitted to the towing car, caravan, trailer tent or motorhome, it is essential to the safety and stability of the combination that all tyres are correctly inflated for the applied load. Tyres that are under-inflated are much more likely to suffer from a blowout which can cause loss of control of the vehicle. 

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Fitting the Right Tyre

The original tyres for a caravan are determined by joint consultation between the caravan and tyre manufacturers and take into account all aspects of operation. Any changes in tyre size or type should not be undertaken without seeking advice from the caravan or tyre manufacturer. 

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Overloading & Tyre Ageing

Overloading tyres is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all times. A poorly distributed load can also lead to overloaded tyres even when the maximum total permissible load is not exceeded. Loads should be spread evenly around the caravan and as low down as possible to maximise the stability and safety of the car and caravan combination. 

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Spare Tyre & Tread Depth

It is strongly recommended that a compatible spare wheel and tyre assembly is carried for the caravan. As caravan tyres and wheels are rarely the same as those on the towing vehicle, the spare tyre and wheel assembly from the towing vehicle must not be used on the caravan, even in an emergency situation.

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The National Caravan Council's Caravan Towing Guide recommends that the noseweight should be varied to find the optimum for towing depending upon the actual laden weight of the caravan. Experience and research has found that the noseweight should be around 5% - 7% of the actual laden weight for optimum stability. 

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Winter Storage

All tyres should be examined for signs of wear and damage regularly but this is particularly important for caravans when they have not been used for an extended period. Caravans, motorhomes and trailer tents which are not used over the winter period should have their tyres thoroughly inspected prior to re-use during the spring and summer.

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