Tim and Tom pick up medal after frantic final stage

For eleven stages Tim and Tom had hardly any problems, but on the final day of the Dakar 2021 they all came at the same time. "We have experienced more in this last 200 kilometers than in the whole dakar", sighed Tom. "It wasn't about anything."

Twice The Beast was stuck in the sand, twice the accelerator stuck and Tim and Tom had to get out to fix the cable, one time Tom missed a way point and had to go back to tick it off, and one time Tim hit a flat tire. "We crammed an entire Dakar into a 200-kilometer day," summed up Tom. Due to the series – fortunately not too serious – problems gave the brothers a place in the classification on the last day, but that didn't bother them much. With the 26thplace and especially with the way, they were very satisfied.

The hassle started in the twelfth stage already a kilometer after the start, says Tim. "We chose a wrong track and due to the rain of the past few days the dunes were so muddy, that we immediately slumped away. So we had to dig. Then we were able to catch up with everyone, until we had to stop because the gas cable was stuck." This happened again a little later, but that could be easily remedied.

At the end of the stage, The Beast got stuck in the sand one more time. "On a path between the rocks," says Tim. "Some trucks had already gone through it and they had completely ruined the sand, which was already heavy because of the rain. We stood up to our waists again to dig in the sand. Luckily we got out pretty quickly and we were able to get through to the finish line in one line."

More than an hour behind the top 3, the Coronel brothers crossed the line, relieved. For Tim it was the fifteenth Dakar, for Tom the eighth. "But I haven't experienced as little in eight Dakars as I do now," he says. "It was a mega-Dakar: difficult, heavy, as it should be. But without technical problems. We had a flat tire twice because we were speeding over the stones. The Beast has been exemplary. The only thing to note is the speed. We can get up to 160, with the wind. That should be at least 180 if we are to get involved in this strong field between all those fat cars. We can go in that field, but our car can't. So we'll have to think about that in the near future."

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