Maxxcross MX-ST+ M7332F / M7332R

Soft Terrain

This race-specification motocross tyre is designed to provide ultimate performance on mid-soft terrain with an enhanced structure for longevity across a wide variety of motocross terrains.

  • Extremely lightweight for maximum speed
  • Designed for immediate traction off-the-gate
  • Incredibly precise front tyre for immense handling
  • Available for kids’ and adults’ motocross bikes
  • Excels in mid-soft terrain

You can buy this tyre from your local dealer. Use the Maxxis Dealer Locator to find your nearest Maxxis tyre fitter, or head into your usual tyre fitter and ask for… You can buy this tyre from your local dealer. Use the Maxxis Dealer Locator to find your nearest Maxxis tyre fitter, or head into your usual tyre fitter and ask for the MaxxCross MX-ST+. SHOW MORE

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Tyre Sizes

Position Tyre Size Load Index Speed Rating
Rim Size (in) 10
Rear 275-21 38 J
Rim Size (in) 12
Rear 80/100-12 41 M
Front 60/100-12 36 J
Rim Size (in) 14
Rear 90/100-14 49 M
Front 60/100-14 30 M
Rim Size (in) 16
Rear 90/100-16 51 M
Rim Size (in) 17
Front 70/100-17 40 M
Rim Size (in) 18
Rear 110/100-18 64 M
Rear 120/100-18 68 M
Rim Size (in) 19
Rear 110/90 -19 62 M
Front 70/100-19 40 M
Rear 100/90-19 57 M
Rim Size (in) 21
Front 80/100-21 51 M

The MaxxCross MX-ST+ is available in a wide range of tyre sizes for most motocross and other off-road motorcycles. Check the table below and remember we are bringing in new sizes all the time.

Will the MX-ST+ fit my motocross bike?

Don’t know your tyre size? Have a look for your motorcycle in the list below. If your bike isn’t on the list, contact your local tyre fitter and ask them about your bike. They will be able to look up your vehicle registration to tell you exactly which Maxxis tyres they have available for your bike.

Combination sizes

Front: 70/100/17
Rear: 90/100/14




Husqvarna TC 85 17"/14"

Combination sizes

Front: 70/100/19
Rear: 90/100/16









Combination sizes

Front: 80/100/21
Rear: 110/90/19

KTM 250 SX

KTM 250 SX-F

KTM 350 SX-F

KTM 450 SX-F

Husqvarna TC 250 

Husqvarna FC 250 

Husqvarna FC 350

Combination sizes

Front: 60/100/14
Rear: 80/100/12




Combination sizes

Front: 80/100/21
Rear: 120/80/19

Husqvarna FC 450

Combination sizes

Front: 80/100/21
Rear: 100/90/19

KTM 125 SX

KTM 150 SX

Husqvarna TC 125

MaxxCross MX-ST+ Tyre Test Results

If you’re looking for new motocross tyres and you’re not sure which to go for, you can always look to the opinions of independent experts and professional riders. See below our collections of reviews.


The MaxxCross MX-ST+ is an official tyre of the FIM Motocross World Championship, or MXGP for short. Following its maiden year in the championship in 2019, the tyre came away with three championship podiums; Mattia Guadagnini of Maddii Racing rode MX-STs across the line to first place in the FIM Junior World Motocross Championship 125cc and the European 125cc Motocross Championship. Alberto Forato of the same team brought home the bronze medal of the European 250cc Motocross Championship.

After this success, the 2020 season sees more riders choosing the MaxxCross MX-ST+, with a huge number of teams opting for the MX-ST+ and MX-SM combination for various tracks, including Yamaha SDM, Maddii Racing Husqvarna, Marchetti KTM, Liam Everts and many more.

Mattia Guadagnini, Maddii Racing, EMX125 2019 and Junior World Motocross 125cc Champion 2019:

“I want to thank Maxxis for providing me with the best tyres and the best traction which brought me to win such great titles.” 


UK Riders
Following such impressive success in 2019, Maxxis is the tyre of choice for many UK teams in 2020.

The MaxxCross MX-ST+ for mid-soft terrain and the MX-SM for sand tracks are the tyres of choice for Chambers Racing Husqvarna, Rob Hooper Racing Yamaha, Marsh MX FUS Husqvarna and Judd Racing KTM.


Motocross Action Magazine
A motocross magazine based in the US reviewed the MaxxCross MX-ST+ front tyre:

Motocross Action Magazine, May 2019:

“The MaxxCross MX-ST+ front tyre has a directional tread pattern that is an alternating mix of bow-tie and scoop knobs down the centerline, with angled side knobs at the mid-line and robust side knobs. The result is a sleek race-look pattern that bears a slight resemblance to a Pirelli pattern. The MX-ST+ front tyre is the easiest Maxxis front tyre we have changed. Maxxis tyres are best known for their rugged sidewalls and stiff carcasses, neither of which are characteristics conducive to peeling a tyre off the rim in a flash. When mounting the MX-ST+ tyre, we noticed how soft and flexible the sidewall was… The MaxxCross MX-ST+ is an intermediate-to-soft-terrain tyre that offers good absorption in braking bumps and a high trust factor when pushing the lean angle to the max. The large sidewall contact patch was especially beneficial at steep lean angles. The MX-ST tyre worked best in soft conditions and tacky dirt…” 


Keefer, Inc. Testing

An American off-road motorcycle testing site, Keefer, Inc undertakes detailed tyre tests to help riders understand which tyres provide the best performance.

Keefer, Inc. Testing, August 2018:

“…the first thing that impressed me was that the Maxxis MaxxCross MX-ST+ rear tyre offers great forward bite (traction) under acceleration in intermediate/soft terrain through ruts and coming out of corners. The Maxxis side knob design works well under lean angle and traction is one of the MX-ST’s (rear tire) strong suits, as the rider is able to get on the throttle sooner (while leaning) without washing out. You are also able to start your lean sooner while coming into a corner and the MX-ST+ remains planted to the ground. Braking predictability is also increased as it gives the rider confidence to pivot and throttle out of flat corners without much hesitation… the MX-ST+ lets you pivot/lean under throttle through flat corners adequately… Kudos to Maxxis for making a rear tyre that doesn’t chunk before the 10 hour mark. I have chunked some Dunlop MX3S tyres before the ten hour mark (under normal intermediate terrain), but as of right now the Maxxis rubber hasn’t broken apart…

The MX-ST+ front tyre will accommodate the moderate front end steering rider and is able to be leaned into corners fairly aggressively. The contact patch feel on lean angle is much wider on the MX-ST+ than a Bridgestone 403 and has enough lean angle performance to be compared to a Dunlop MX33… The wear of the MX-ST front tire is also much better (than previous models) and hasn’t shown signs of chunking yet, which is also another improvement for the Maxxis brand.” 


Interested in the MaxxCross MX-ST+ tyre for your motocross bike? Scroll down to use our dealer locator to find a tyre fitter near you.

The MaxxCross Range

Maxxcross MX-ST+ M7332F / M7332R
Maxxcross MX-ST+ M7332F / M7332R
This race-specification motocross tyre is designed to provide ultimate performance on mid-soft terrain with an enhanced…
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