The Maxxis C165S tyre is strong and durable but lightweight for use on turf.

  • The C165S has a modified chevron pattern which provides the traction you need without damaging any turf.
  • The slightly rounded shoulder makes the C165 a turf-friendly tyre.

Designed using the latest research and technology, the pattern has been engineered to provide fantastic grip while preserving the turf from tearing.

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Tyre Sizes

Tyre Size Ply Rating Overall Diameter (in) Max PSI
Rim Size (in) 8
18/950-8 6 0 0
20/1000-8 4 0 0
Rim Size (in) 12
24/850-12 4 0 0
Rim Size (in) 14
24/850-14 4 0 0
Rim Size (in) 15
29/1200-15 4 0 0
33/1250-15 4 0 0
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