Vansmart AS AL2

The new all season van tyre, for better comfort and grip.

  • The three main grooves in the profile ensure excellent water drainage.
  • Lateral grooves increase the grip on the wet road surface.
  • The reinforced shoulder blocks reduce wear and increase durability.
  • Renewed silica rubber compound keeps the rubber supple at low temperatures, improves ride comfort and improves road contact.

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Tyre Sizes

Tyre Size Load Index Speed Rating Label
Rim Size (in) 14
165/70R14 - R
175/70R14 - T
175/80R14 - R
185/80R14 - R
195/80R14 - R
Rim Size (in) 15
195/70R15 - R
205/65R15 - T
205/70R15 - R
215/70R15 - T
225/70R15 - R
Rim Size (in) 16
185/75R16 - R
195/60R16 - T
195/65R16 - T
195/75R16 - R
205/65R16 - T
205/75R16 - R
215/65R16 - T
215/75R16 - R
225/65R16 - T
225/75R16 - R
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