Minion DHF

Loose Over Hard

The Minion DHF is a popular downhill tyre provides grip and control in loose and muddy downhill conditions.

  • 3C MaxxTerra available
  • Designed as a front tyre but suitable for the rear
  • Lightweight for ultimate speed
  • Tubeless ready
  • A go-to performance downhill cycle tyre

You can buy the Minion DHF from your local bicycle shop.

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Tyre Sizes

Tyre Size ETRTO TPI Bead Weight (lbs) Compound Max PSI Tech Colour
Rim Size 26
26X2.30 58-559 60 FOLDABLE 1.863 DUAL 60 EXO/TR Black
26X2.30 58-559 60 FOLDABLE 1.863 3C MAXX TERRA 60 3C/EXO/TR Black
26X2.30 58-559 120 FOLDABLE 2.282 3C MAXX TERRA 60 3C/TR/DD Black
26X2.50WT 55-559 60 WIRE 2.480 SUPER TACKY 65 ST Black
26X2.50WT 55-559 60 WIRE 3.000 3C MAXX GRIP 65 3C Black
26X2.50 55-559 60 WIRE 2.700 SINGLE 65 NA Black
Rim Size 27.5
27.5X2.30 58-584 60 FOLDABLE 1.819 3C MAXX TERRA 60 3C/EXO/TR Black
27.5X2.30 58-584 60 FOLDABLE 1.930 DUAL 0 EXO/TR Black
27.5X2.30 58-584 60 FOLDABLE 1.940 3C 60 EXO/TR Skinwall
27.5X2.30 58-584 120 FOLDABLE 2.370 3C MAXX TERRA 60 3C/TR/DD Black
27.5X2.50WT 63-584 60 FOLDABLE 2.083 DUAL 50 EXO/TR Black
27.5X2.50WT 63-584 60 FOLDABLE 2.083 3C MAXX TERRA 50 3C/EXO/TR Black
27.5X2.50WT 63-584 60 FOLDABLE 2.161 3C MAXX GRIP 50 3C/EXO/TR Black
27.5X2.50WT 63-584 120 FOLDABLE 2.557 3C MAXX GRIP 50 3CG/TR/DD Black
27.5X2.50WT 63-584 60 WIRE 3.064 3C MAXX GRIP 65 NA Black
27.5X2.50WT 63-584 60 WIRE 3.064 SUPER TACKY 65 ST Black
27.5X2.60WT 66-584 120 FOLDABLE 1.893 3C MAXX TERRA 40 3C/EXO/TR Black
Rim Size 29
29X2.30 58-622 60 FOLDABLE 2.039 DUAL 60 EXO/TR Black
29X2.30 58-622 60 FOLDABLE 2.039 3C MAXX TERRA 60 3C/EXO/TR Black
29X2.30 58-622 120 FOLDABLE 2.524 3C MAXX TERRA 60 3C/TR/DD Black
29X2.50WT 63-662 60 FOLDABLE 2.260 DUAL 50 EXO/TR Black
29X2.50WT 63-622 60 FOLDABLE 2.766 DUAL 60 TR Black
29X2.50WT 63-622 60 FOLDABLE 2.690 3C MAXX GRIP 60 3C/EXO/TR Black
29X2.50WT 63-622 60 FOLDABLE 2.238 3C MAXX TERRA 60 3C/EXO/TR Black

The Minion DHF is available in a range of tyre sizes for mountain and downhill bicycles. Check the table above and remember we are bringing in new sizes all the time.

Minion DHF Tyre Test Results

If you’re looking for mountain bike or downhill cycling tyres and you’re not sure which tyres to choose, you can always look to tyre tests for the answer, and there are plenty of tyre tests involving the Minion DHF.:

Rating the Minion DHF with and overall score of 5/5, here's what had to say:

"The Maxxis Minion DHF is a household name in the world of mountain biking. It’s been seen on many a podium yet it’s brilliantly versatile for all kinds of trail and descending use. At its greatest in the dry, it's still excellent in the wet and a predictable, capable performer right up until you're axle-deep in mud.

There’s very little to grumble about with the Maxxis Minion DHF – it’s long been a popular tyre for good reason. It’s tubeless ready, confident in a wide range of conditions and terrains, and top in its class in the dry. If you’re looking for an aggressive yet useable, fit and forget tyre that works well either end of the bike, the Minion DHF should be your first port of call.", September 2020


Mountain Bike Rider

A go-to UK-based magazine for mountain bike riders, MBR is a great source of reference for independent advice on aftermarket parts and accessories for your bike, and they scored the Wide Trail version of this tyre 10/10 and made it Editor’s Choice 2018:

“The Minion has always been a fast favourite in loose and dry terrain, but in the wet, didn’t bite as hard as more splayed-out treads in softer dirt. With increased air volume, this 2.5 can be run a few psi lower, upping comfort and conformity, and laying down more rubber, so grip levels have really ramped up. The WT weight is marginally higher, but there’s little evidence the tyres don’t roll just as fast off-road. With the Maxx Terra Minion slapped on the front wheel, continuous predictable grip is almost never-ending right up to properly wet conditions.

Maxxis’ sticky rubber feels trustworthy to lean, even on rocks and roots, but its wear life and durability isn’t class leading. The tyres do scrub off out at a steady, uniform rate though, rather than falling to pieces. If you’re willing to sacrifice rolling speed, a sister Minion DHR tyre adds deeper centre lugs, and dramatically increases braking traction on the rear. It also works fantastically on the front in mixed conditions since DHR blocks are spaced a bit wider (than DHF blocks) and really bite in and clear mud better too.

Both models are refined performers and arguably class-leading…”

Mick Kirkman,, October 2017


Worldwide Cyclery have dedicated a lot of time to publishing information about the Minion DHF, which you are free to explore if you like. We’ve just quoted one of their many summaries about the WT version of this tyre:

“After riding the Maxxis Minion [DHF] 27.5” x 2.5” WT tyre for some time, we found more cornering performance with the Wide Trail design compared to the traditional 2.5” DHF in the same compound. While the differences are subtle, this just seems to be the evolution of the bike tyre and is truly designed to be used with rims using a 30-35mm internal width. For most of us, the wheels we are riding right now have a wider internal width than what we would have been riding 5 years ago. Maxxis has stepped up and designed a tyre for the wider rim trend, a trend that actually makes riding bikes more fun! The Minion DHF has a dedicated channel between the cornering knobs and the centre knobs that allows the tyre to bite hard in the turns. That’s why we love the DHF and keep coming back for more!”


BikeRadar reviewed the Minion DHF with a glowing result of 5/5:

“Relatively short sidewalls keep the profile rounded on a 35mm internal rum, so it stays supported and supple at lower pressures. This gives excellent cornering performance, as well as sucking up stutter bumps and square edges for excellent speed sustain. This all results in a superbly planted feel on the trail with no bounce or wobble through a range of pressures, however, rowdy things are getting.

The triple-compound 3C version offers the ultimate mix of grip damping and suppleness for all-round trail use. …the directional tread also reduces the habit that most plus tyres (even knobblier ones) have, where they twist and skate in softer/wetter conditions. Just like previous DHF tyres, it not only grips well in a full range of weather and trail conditions, it inflates tubelessly with benchmark ease, it rolls well, it shrugs off damage and works through a wide pressure range making the premium price worth paying.”

Guy Kesteven,, November 2017


Outdoor Gear Lab rated the Minion DHF 1st out of 24 tyres, dubbing it “one of the most popular tyres ever, and for good reason”, and gave the downhill bicycle tyre the Editor’s Choice Award:

“This supremely popular tyre won our Editor’s Choice Award for its confidence-inspiring cornering ability, trail tough EXO sidewall protection, and versatility in typical all-mountain riding terrain. With an unyielding, aggressive knob pattern this tyre knows when to hold and straight up refuses to fold. Run it on the front, back, or both wheels. The 3C Maxx Terra compound offers softer, grippier rubber on the edges for predictable bite and control when diving into a corner at speed and a harder rubber on the centre tread to help you accelerate out of the other end.

Bestowed with our prestigious Editors' Choice Award, we simply lost count of how many times this tyre saved our chamois-padded butts. It has the ability to literally make trail conditions better. During a historic summer drought, the mountain bike trails got so beat up and sandy we started wishing we got assigned a rock climbing gear review instead. We were pretty much "over it." Then we rode the Minion DHF.

Suddenly, having fun on our bikes became a lot less condition-dependent. Instead of feeling like toddlers fumbling around in a sandbox with a plastic shovel, we felt like bulldozer operators. As good as this tyre was during our dry summer, our passion for it grew stronger as the seasons changed and moisture finally fell. It seemed like no matter what we threw at this tyre, it welcomed it with open treads and begged for more.

…no matter how much you ‘put your back into it’ you can’t push this tyre too hard. The EXO casing adds plenty of sidewall support while remaining supple enough to allow the tread to mold to the ground and stay seated on the rim. We never heard anyone complain about this tyre squirming or folding beneath them.

The dual rubber compound of the 3C Maxx Terra version we tested uses a softer compound for the shoulder knobs. Once you hit the sweet spot, these knobs bite and hold in a predictable and confidence-inspiring fashion. Sitting atop the firmer rubber used for the base of the tire, we suspected the aggressive, alternating rectangular and L-shaped shoulder knobs might be a bit tippy when weighted or pushed into turns. We couldn't have been more wrong, as the knobs stood tall and refused to yield…

The Minion DHF is the winner of our Editor’s Choice Award for its outstanding on-trail performance due to its combination of cornering grip, pedalling and braking traction, and durability. This tyre inspires confidence and can help you take your riding to another level. We can’t say enough good things about the Minion DHF. Pair it with a Minion DHR II in the rear for aggressive trail riding.”

Jeremy Benson,, November 2018


Pink Bike

“We ran our pair of test DHFs set up tubeless on a pair of Stan's Flow EX rims, which have an internal width of 25.5mm. In the past, Maxxis' tyres have been notorious for measuring narrower than expected, but our test set came in at 2.27", just a hair less than the claimed 2.3" width. The tires mounted without trouble, and we were able to get them sealed and seated with only a floor pump - no air compressor or cursing necessary.

We've spent countless hours on various iterations of this tyre over the years, and from the first turn we were reminded of why the DHF's tread pattern has remained a popular choice for so long. The cornering bite is excellent, and once the bike is leaned far enough over to allow the alternating rectangular and L shaped side knobs to dig into the ground, the tyre locks in without any squirming or sliding. Siped center knobs help maintain traction during heavy braking on the steepest trails, trails full of sections where there's a fine line between skidding out of control into the forest, or staying on track and successfully navigating through the loose soil. The DHF's overall rolling speed isn't going to land you on the podium at a cross-country race, but it is reasonably quick for how much traction the tyre provides…

No matter the trail conditions, the Minion DHF took it all in stride, and proved to be a standout performer on everything we exposed it to, from hardpack to sloppy mud. This wouldn't be our first choice for bone dry, concrete-like trails, but as long as there's some amount of give in the ground the DHF will get the job done. In wet conditions the tread compound proved itself on a number of slippery rock faces, sticking to the Pacific Northwest's slimiest granite without faltering. While the Max Terra compound isn't quite as flypaper-sticky as Maxxis' Super Tacky MaxxGrip compounds, it did seem to strike a good balance between tackiness and rolling speed, and the tread wore evenly, without any major deformations or torn off knobs. Overall, the 27.5" version of the Minion DHF is a worthy addition to the Maxxis tyre line, and is one of our favourites due to its stellar performance on a wide range of terrain.”

Mike Kazimer,, May 2014


Who Rides the Minion DHF?

Martin Zietsman

Professional mountain biker Martin Ziestsman has competed in countless racing series including; Scottish Enduro Series, Welsh Gravity Enduro Series, Tweedlove Enduro Series and EWS. He chooses Maxxis tyres and here's what he has to say: 

‘Maxxis aren’t regarded as the best gravity tyres in the world for nothing. They have a tyre for any and every trail condition. Maxxis gives me total confidence in my tyres, allowing me to hit trails with complete trust in my grip, knowing I can focus wholly on the trail ahead. It’s incredible knowing the limit of your speed is your ability and not your tyres…’

Minion DHF Tyre Reviews

Sometimes the best reviews come from riders just like you. Take a look at our user reviews below.

Rider,, February 2020:

“This is my first time using a front tyre like this. It definitely makes me faster and more confident. Great tyre for downhill trail control. I would use a different back tyre.” 


Rider,, December 2019:

“Fantastic tyres, I have paired it with a DH2 on the rear and it’s been one of the best tyre combos I have used.” 


Rider,, September 2019:

“For me the best front tyre, lots of grip in all weather conditions!”


Rider,, August 2019:

“One of the best tyres: Amazing grip, puncture resistance, reasonable price, and a variety of dimensions.” 


Rider,, June 2019:

“Super grippy! Good climbing and cornering… Love them.” 


Rider,, June 2019:

“Great tyre, grippy, good rolling resistance, good quality, confidence-inspiring.” 


Rider,, March 2019:

“Only had this on for a couple of rides on a Blur LT2 on a mix of hardpack / rocky tracks with some firm grass around the Malvern Hills. I am totally bowled over, came from a Crossmark II and the combination of a Minion DHF and DHR is just another world, I expected a difference but this is just awesome. Rolling resistance not nearly as bad as expected so I can’t believe I didn’t make the switch sooner. Also mounting it tubeless (first time for me) was an absolute dream, with Stan’s rims… These tyres come with my fullest recommendation!” 


Interested in the Minion DHF tyre for your mountain bike? Scroll down to use our dealer locator to find a tyre fitter near you.

CONNECTED: Antoine Caron // Shorty // Minion DHF


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