Welter Weight

Maxxis Welter Weight tubes are engineered for aggressive riders who require durability in their inner tubes

  • .90mm thick wall
  • Presta and Schrader valve options
  • Puncture resistant
  • The best in performance and practicality
  • Perfect for aggressive riders

You can buy the Welter Weight tube directly from Maxxis by clicking here.

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Tyre Sizes

Tyre Size Valve Type Weight (lbs) Colour
Rim Size 16
16X1.90/2.125 SCHRADER 0.238 Black
Rim Size 20
20X11/4-13/8 PRESTA 0.278 Black
20X1.90/2.125 SCHRADER 0.254 Black
20X1.90/2.125 PRESTA RVC 0.267 Black
Rim Size 24
24X1.90/ 2.125 PRESTA 0.326 Black
24X1.90/2.125 SCHRADER 0.388 Black
Rim Size 26
26X1.0/1.25 PRESTA 0.500 NA
26X1.0/1.25 PRESTA 0.500 NA
26X1.90/2.125 PRESTA RVC 0.355 Black
26X1.90/2.125 SCHRADER 0.510 Black
26X2.2/2.5 PRESTA RVC 0.452 Black
26X2.2/2.5 SCHRADER 0.000 Black
Rim Size 27.5
27.5X1.50/1.75 SCHRADER 0.000 Black
27.5X1.50/1.75 SCHRADER 48MM 0.000 Black
27.5X1.90/2.35 PRESTA RVC 0.419 Black
27.5X1.90/2.35 PRESTA 48MM RVC 0.421 Black
27.5 X1.9/2.35 SCHRADER 0.406 Black
27.5X2.2/2.5 PRESTA RVC 0.487 Black
27.5 X2.2/2.5 SCHRADER 0.474 Black
Rim Size 29
29X1.90/2.35 SCHRADER 0.000 Black
29X1.90/2.35 PRESTA RVC 0.390 Black
29X1.90/2.35 PRESTA 48MM RVC 0.377 Black
Rim Size 700
700X18/25 PRESTA 0.500 NA
700X18/25,27X7/8-1" PRESTA 48MM RVC 0.185 Black
700X18/25,27X7/8-1" PRESTA 60MM RVC 0.187 Black
700X18/25, 27X7/8-1 PRESTA 0.500 NA
700X25/32 27X7/8-1 PRESTA 48MM RVC 0.209 Black
700X25/32 27X7/8-1 PRESTA 60MM RVC 0.212 Black
700X35/45,27X1 3/8-1 3/4" PRESTA RVC 0.280 Black
700X35/45, 27X1 3/8-1 3/4 SCHRADER 0.284 Black
700X35/45 SCHRADER 48MM 0.000 Black

The Welter Weight is available in plenty of popular tyre sizes. Check the table above and remember we are bringing in new sizes all the time.

Welter Weight Inner Tube Reviews

Sometimes the best reviews come from riders just like you. Take a look at our user reviews below.

Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, April 2020:

“I had a split in the tyre sidewall today but managed to ride 13 miles home by reducing the pressure, very impressed that the tube didn't burst even though an inch of it was showing!”


Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, February 2020:

“I've had these tubes on my bike for the last few months. I ride quite hard on the and they take the beating. Would highly recommend them to friends.”


Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, December 2019:

“Great, medium weight, XC/All Mountain use tubes. Works for me.”


Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, April 2019:

“Compared to most inner tubes this one is quite strong and light.”


Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, December 2018:

“These seem good quality and are a great price. They seem to be reasonably thick; I’ve been running with these for some time now and only had 1 puncture, so I think they are quite robust.”


Rider, ChainReactionCycles.com, November 2017:

“Great quality, great fit, excellent product, just what I needed at Bike park Wales, thanks.”


Interested in the Welter Weight inner tube for your bicycle? Scroll down to use our dealer locator to find a dealer shop near you.

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Welter Weight
Welter Weight
Maxxis Welter Weight tubes are engineered for aggressive riders who require durability in their inner tubes
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