What your birth month says about you: Tyre style

05 March 2021

Find out what your birth month says about you! Here you will find your horoscope reading... but with Maxxis tyres. Simply click on your birth month below.


Victra Sport 5: If you were born in January, you’re a born leader. You know what you want, and you deliver. You also like to keep the people around you happy - just like the Victra Sport 5 car tyre, which leads the pack in terms of speed and enjoyment.


MaxxCross MX-ST: If you were born in February, your relationships are very important you and you’re a loyal lifelong friend. Just like the MX-ST motocross tyre, which has perfect pairings in the MaxxCross range and is a championship-winning tyre.  


SuperMaxx Diamond: You are attractive and love attention, which is exactly what the SuperMaxx Diamond motorcycle tyre gets. You love to travel and explore and aren’t afraid to show people your glittering personality.


Trepador: If you’re an April baby, you are fearless and brave, just like the mighty Trepador 4x4 tyre. You are active, decisive, and dynamic, conquering anything put in your way.


Minion DHR II – Born in May? You’re the ever-popular Minion DHR II mountain bike tyre; you’re stubborn, hardworking, and motivated. You’re not beaten at anything.


M190 – Your gentle and caring nature makes you just like the M190 turf tyre, which is perfect for even the most delicate of lawns and greens. You are kind and sensitive but rarely show your emotions.


Razr MT – If you were born in July, you’re quiet but strong, just like the Razr MT 4x4 tyre. You are also honest, funny and friendly.


MaxxEnduro – If you were born in August you are like the MaxxEnduro off-road motorcycle tyre; fearless and brave. You are also generous, caring and friendly.



High Roller II – Stubborn with a drive to succeed, you are the High Roller II mountain bike tyre. You’re intelligent and like an organised environment.


SuperMaxx ST – Just like the SuperMaxx ST motorcycle tyre, reliable and loyal are your biggest traits. You’re a confident individual that radiates positive vibes to those around you.


Vansmart AS AL2 – You are hardworking, positive, and determined which means you always get the job done. Like the All-Season AL2 van tyre, you’re reliable under all circumstances.


Mecotra ME3 – Exactly like the Mecotra ME3 car tyre, you’re very practical. You like a stable lifestyle and you’re trustworthy, but you are also ambitious and hard working.

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