What makes a good mud-terrain tyre?

03 February 2021

Finding the right 4x4 mud-terrain tyre can be tricky, which is why it’s best to know what you need to be looking for. So, what makes a good mud-terrain tyre, and how can you differentiate between a top-performing tyre against a budget one? We are here to help.

Mud-terrain tyres are specifically developed and tested to perform to their best abilities on, yep, you guessed it, muddy terrain. They should help 4x4, SUVs and pick-up trucks deal with loose mud and sand, where most tyres would clog up and lose their traction.

What should the tread pattern look like?
The tread pattern should be deeply sculpted to give you the best traction on off-road terrain. Mud tyres should also have self-cleaning properties that remove any mud or sand that gets into the grooves, to ensure that the tyres always have the best traction.

Can you drive a mud-terrain tyre on the road?
Although mud terrain tyres should mostly be used for off-road terrain, most will be able to offer the driver a comfortable ride on the road when it’s needed. Only very extreme mud terrain tyres are unsuitable for use on the road.

Are mud-terrain tyres known to be loud?
Due to the wide gaps and large tread blocks in the tyre pattern, mud-terrain tyres have a reputation for being extremely noisy on the road. This type of tread pattern is paramount in ensuring the tyre provides good traction off-road, therefore, sometimes you may have to sacrifice your peaceful journeys for the performance the tyres provide off-road. It is worth noting that some MT tyres produce much less road noise than others though.

Can you tell if a tyre has strong construction?
It goes without saying that mud-terrain tyres should stand the test of off-road terrain with ease. You should look for a tyre that has additional tread blocks on the shoulder and sidewall, as this will indicate that the tyres can tackle seriously rough terrain.

Tyre test results
It’s always a good idea to check any tyre tests for the tyre you are interested in. Some tyres may surprise you and perform the best while remaining surprisingly affordable. Tyre tests will also help to give you an indication of which areas the tyre performs best, and the areas the tyre may struggle.

What is the best mud-terrain tyre?
In our opinion, shared by 4x4 Australia magazine, the Maxxis Razr MT772 is the best mud-terrain tyre on the market. Its pattern features deeply sculpted centre blocks which maximize mud traction, while the razor stone and mud ejectors improve self-cleaning performance and minimize rock retention. The tyre also features an off-road compound with chemical fillers for maximum tear and chip resistance and improved tread life.

Not only is the Razr MT extremely tough and durable, it has good sidewall traction and has been proven to be a much quieter mud tyre on the road than others on the market; it also offers road comfort when you need it. What’s more, the Razr MT was crowned the winner of the 2020 4x4 Australia tyre test, which tested the likes of Bridgestone, BF Goodrich and Kumho.

Read more about the Razr MT here.



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