ATV Tyre Guide – Find the right tyre for your ATV

05 November 2020

What makes a good ATV tyre? How do you know which tyre is right for your ATV? Which tyre is best for the terrain you ride? All these questions are those that will inevitably crop up when it comes to finding the right tyres for your All-Terrain Vehicle. Here we will outline the technicalities of ATV tyres to help you make an informed decision for which tyres are best for you.

You will need to decide on the purpose of the tyres. ATVs span right from agricultural use to casual racing, so it’s important to recognise where you’ll be using your tyres and what you expect them to achieve.

Things to consider:

Tread pattern
Each tyre pattern is unique with its own set of characteristics that perform on different terrains. It is important to consider which terrain you’ll be driving on in order to find the perfect traction. Using the wrong tyres on certain terrains can result in less grip, sliding or even blow outs.
If you are going to be driving in thick, deep mud, you will need to choose a tyre with deep, long lugs that are widely spaced in order for it to actively clean itself and grip into the mud.

Ply rating
The individual ply rating for each tyre gives you an indication of the intended use of the tyre. A lower ply rating usually indicated that the tyre has better traction and control with a minimal load. For example, a 2-ply tyre meets road safety requirements and is lighter than its multi-ply alternatives.
A higher ply rating can maintain consistency and provide optimum traction in the most challenging of terrains. The high ply tyres are a favourite for ATV owners who carry heavy loads over muddy or harsh terrain. The best mud terrain tyres have a 6- or 8-ply rating and are well-tailored to shift heavy weight over a strenuous terrain and are long lasting and resistant to punctures.

Bias or radial
It is important to consider whether you will be more suited to a bias or radial structured ATV tyre. The main difference between radial and bias ply ATV tyres is in the belt construction. The cord materials are also different, leading to changes in the functional performance of the tyres.
A radial tyre allows the sidewall and the tread to function as two independent features, offering a more comfortable ride, whereas bias tyres offer increased tyre flexibility at slower speeds over a variety of terrains.

The vehicle
It’s important to keep in mind that tyres are designed to use on certain vehicles, which is why specific tyres are only available in certain sizes. If you are looking to race a SxS vehicle, you’ll need to choose a tyre that not only fits your vehicle but is agile, suitable for racing and is lightweight.
On the other hand, if you need new tyres for your agricultural vehicle that helps transport items across a farm, you need to choose a tyre that is ideal for heavy loads and maintains traction across fields and muddy terrain.

Maxxis ATV tyres
Maxxis offer a huge range of tyres that have been designed for various terrains, from quad bikes to UTVs, and are renowned for producing quality, high-performing all-terrain tyres that have been approved by a range of ATV manufacturers. Maxxis ATV tyres are Original Equipment on a whole host of premium vehicles including: Arctic Cat, BRP Can-Am, Honda, John Deere, Kymco, KTM, Kawasaki, Polaris, TGB and Yamaha to name but a few.

The Bighorn ATV Series, in particular, is an iconic range from Maxxis. Whether you want something durable, lightweight or to offer incredible grip, the Bighorn Series has it all:

Bighorn Radial
The tread pattern and wide footprint give the Bighorn radial ATV tyre exceptional traction, whilst its large shoulder lugs help to protect the sidewalls. Solid raised white sidewall lettering gives this tyre an attractive appearance. Due to its radial construction, recreational riders, ATV racers and agricultural riders will immediately appreciate the Bighorn's ride quality and comfort.

Bighorn 2.0
All the traction of the original Bighorn in a lighter package. The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 ATV tyre is a lightweight version that mimics the tread design of the original, with slimmer, lighter lugs. Meanwhile, the radial construction provides excellent shock absorption, allowing for a smoother ride. The non-directional pattern provides predictable cornering and claws over roots and rocks for optimum climbing confidence. The Bighorn 2.0 boasts a 6-ply rating, offering the durability that ATV riders have come to expect from Maxxis Bighorn ATV tyres.

Maxxis offer its ATV range in sizes best suited to the ATVs, quad bikes and UTVs they are designed for. Start your search for your new ATV tyre by clicking below and comparing your ATV tyre sizes to those available within the range. Speak to your local dealer for more information.

To explore the full range of Maxxis ATV/UTV tyres click here.

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