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18 September 2020

The SuperMaxx range is a collection of road motorcycle tyres from Maxxis, offering the highest quality with impressive performance for an affordable price tag. Comprising of four tyres, each having their own unique set of characteristics, the SuperMaxx range is designed for all types of specialised motorcyclists.

SuperMaxx ST
If you’re after a high-mileage tyre that offers a comfortable commute but want to be able to put it through its paces every now and again, the SuperMaxx ST is for you.

The SuperMaxx ST is a sport-touring motorcycle tyre that leans more towards the sporty end of the scale, featuring a medium compound designed to offer insane grip and a reliable performance in the wet, but with the comfort and load rating you’d expect from a steadier touring tyre.

Having proved itself in a number of tyre tests, the SuperMaxx ST offers everything you need in one specially designed tyre.

SuperMaxx Diamond
One of the most talked about tyres on the market, the SuperMaxx Diamond offers a unique pointed design that allows the rider to smoothly transition into curves and corners.

The hard compound offers high-mileage and outstanding cornering performance in both wet and dry conditions due to the larger contact patch. This shoulder pattern generates heat which substantially improves grip, especially when you fancy getting your knee closer to the ground; something you’d struggle to do on most hard compound tyres.

Try the unique SuperMaxx Diamond; we’re certain you will love it.

SuperMaxx Touring
A tyre that does exactly as it should - offering miles upon miles of motorcycle touring comfort for riders who love to see the sights.

This medium-hard compound tyre was built for relaxing, comfortable rides, long journeys and carrying luggage and a pillion anywhere across the UK and Europe, thanks to its incredible grip in both wet and dry weather.

So if you’re after a reliable touring tyre that will save you money for those adventures, look no further than the SuperMaxx Touring.

Ready to test them out? Find your local Maxxis SuperMaxx dealer.

The SuperMaxx Range

Supermaxx Touring M6029
Supermaxx Touring M6029
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Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS
Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS
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Supermaxx ST MA-ST2
Supermaxx ST MA-ST2
The SuperMaxx ST is a sport touring motorcycle tyre designed to provide miles upon miles of…
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