Best Motocross Tracks in London

25 August 2020

Whether you’re an avid motocrosser or you’re just starting out, it’s always good to know your options about which MX tracks are available in your local area. That’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best tracks in London.

Docklands kg 5
Docklands kg 5 is a unique facility within London. A hardpack surfaced Super-cross style outdoor track, and at approximately 1/3 of a mile, it contains a mixture of tabletops, ski-jumps, bermed and bowled corners; it is an ideal place for junior and youth MX riders and adult beginners. Sections of the track can also be altered to suit riders of all abilities.

Gate 14,
Woolwich Manor Way
E16 2QY

Canada Heights
Canada Heights is both spectacular and demanding. It brings out the very best in motocross riders allowing them to use every ounce of riding and athletic skills. Its popularity is seen by full entry lists for all events and good crowds to see the action. The track is made up of sand, hard pack, rest of the track is grass fields and mud/soil.

Sutton at Hone,

Flackwell Heath Track
Located 27 miles from London, Flackwell Heath Track offers a main track that caters for all levels of rider from novice/intermediate to expert/pro. The track has a variety of tabletops, step ups, doubles, triples,ski jumps and tight and sweeping corners.  Sections of the track are changed regularly and it is always prepped/graded before opening.

Abbey Barn Lane/Heath End Road,
Flackwell Heath,
High Wycombe,
HP10 9QQ

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