Why the UK is perfect for all-season tyres.

31 March 2021

The UK has one of the mildest climates compared with most European countries. The chances of the UK seeing months of snow or even consistently hot summers, are unfortunately, rather low. This is good news for drivers though and here, we will tell you why.

A large number of drivers in the UK are driving on summer tyres (without even realising it), and this can be problematic when the temperature drops. Air temperature is a crucial factor in a tyre's ability to perform, so when the temperature drops below 7°C, the tread compound in summer tyres begins to harden, providing less grip.

It’s all about the temperature though. All-season tyres are designed with sipes in the tread, allowing them to perform well during heavy rainfall, whilst being able to cope with some snow and ice on the roads too.

Chances are, you probably didn’t know this information, or the fact you should be looking to change to winter tyres when the temperature starts to drop. In countries that see excessive snow, you should, without question, change to winter tyres for ultimate safety. This is where all-season tyres are the perfect solution in the UK.

All-season tyres combine features from both winter and summer tyres to provide all-year performance and grip, allowing you to drive safely in any weather. All-season tyres can grip the warm dry roads of summer, whilst providing the driver with the grip they need in the colder days of winter. The rubber compound used in all-season tyres is designed to function well at temperatures both below and above seven degrees Celsius. Performing well in the wet, all-season tyres are the perfect balance and convenient alternative to changing your tyres each year.

Maxxis have a range of all-season tyres available for small cars through to commercial vans that have performed incredibly in a range of tyre tests. The Premitra All-Season AP3 is the latest all-season tyre in the Maxxis range, finishing an impressive 4th place of 31 tyres in the 2019 Auto Bild all-season pre-test. Offering exceptional performance in the wet, dry, snow and ice, the AP3 is a fuel-efficient, quiet tyre.

Meanwhile, its predecessor, the Premitra All-Season AP2 finished 4th place in the 2015 Auto Express all-season tyre test. Offering traction in wet, dry, snowy and icy weather to help drivers get wherever they need to go in any weather conditions.

The Vansmart AS AL2 was tested in the 2020 AutoBild Van All Season Commercial Tyre Test, finishing a very respectable 4th position, above the Pirelli Carrier All Season. Offering reliable road contact for your van, whatever the weather.



Vansmart AS AL2
Vansmart AS AL2
This all-season van tyre ensures your van can make it from A to B whatever the…
All Season
Premitra All-Season AP3
Premitra All-Season AP3
This all-season tyre is perfect for the unpredictable British weather. Reliable come rain, shine and snow,…
All Season Comfort Sport
Premitra All-Season AP2
Premitra All-Season AP2
This tyre is designed to offer traction in wet, dry, snowy and icy weather to help…
All Season Comfort Eco Sport
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