The difference between car and van tyres

28 April 2021

While they may look similar, car and van tyres have different purposes and require different compounds and technologies. Car tyres are designed to get passengers from one destination to another, whilst van tyres need to withstand heavy loads to deliver goods.

Vans are often at the heart of a lot of businesses and tyres are a vital part of a vehicle. Therefore, they need to be able to cope with the extra stress and strain that comes with heavy loads, in potentially tough weather conditions.

The main difference between car and van tyres is that van tyres have strengthened sidewalls to be able to cope with the extra weight, run at higher inflation pressures, and to generally be more robust. Van tyres often cover more miles than car tyres, so they need to be able to go the distance.

Vans should always be fitted with specialised van tyres to guarantee maximum safety on the roads. One reason for this is due to potentially uneven load, and another is the variety of roads that your van will undoubtedly travel on, and the weather to consider, too. Van tyres can spend hours a day on the road, whereas car tyres are typically used less constantly. Van tyres can also see all weather conditions throughout the year, from heavy rain to bright sunshine.

With these elements to consider, it’s best to make sure you choose the correct tyres for your van. Delivering performance, safety and durability, Maxxis van tyres are designed for the rigours of daily demands.

The VanSmart MCV3+ van tyre is designed to offer high-speed stability and good wet weather driving. Featuring wider main grooves, the MCV3+ provides better water dissipation and stability at high speed.

The increased number of sipes on the main grooves and shoulders increase comfort and traction in snow and mud, whilst the large shoulder blocks and connections between blocks prevent uneven wear.

Taking to the tyre tests, the VanSmart MCV3+ was part of a total of 16 premium and mid-range tyres tested for the 2019 ADAC Van C Tyre Test, with the Vansmart MCV3+ coming in an impressive 6th place.

The MCV3+ tyres were noticeably very good in the dry, with very low wear and an overall score of 4.6, behind the Continental ContiVanContact 200 with a total score of 5.2.

Available in a range of tyre sizes for vans, the Maxxis VanSmart MCV3+ is available to buy from your local Maxxis Dealer.

Vansmart AS AL2
Vansmart AS AL2
This all-season van tyre ensures your van can make it from A to B whatever the…
All Season
VanSmart MCV3+
VanSmart MCV3+
This van tyre is designed to offer high-speed stability and good wet weather driving
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