Types of tyre

There are three tyre construction types:

  •     Diagonal cross-ply
  •     Radial ply
  •     Bias belted

Types Of Tyre

These may be:

  •     Tubeless (no tube required) or 
  •     Tube type (requiring inner tube)

All three construction types are manufactured in several tread profiles.

Tread patterns and profiles are available for front and rear positions.

Special tyres are available for sporting events, some of which are unsuitable for road use and are marked accordingly (normally NHS - Not for Highway Service).

Mixing of tyres

The intermixing of radial, bias belted and diagonal cross-ply tyres has legal requirements and motorcyclists are advised to consult the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) regulations obtainable from Her Majesty’s Stationery Office.

Recommended fitment:
    1    Diagonal cross-ply front and rear
    2    Diagonal cross-ply front and bias belted rear
    3    Diagonal cross-ply front and radial rear
    4    Radial front and rear
    5    Bias belted front and rear

Illegal fitment:
    1    Radial front and diagonal cross-ply rear
    2    Bias belted front and diagonal cross-ply rear
    3    Radial front and bias belted rear

Permitted Fitments

Front FitmentRear Fitment
X-Ply X-Ply
Bias Belt
Bias Belt Bias Belt
Radial Radial