Victra MA-Z1

Road going version of the MAZ1 Drift, with special race honed tread.

  • All season UHP tyre with aggressive unidirectional tread design.
  • Excellent cornering and handling from a high bead filler and stiff shoulder blocks.
  • Advanced silica compound for improving wet and dry traction and rolling resistance giving better mpg.
  • Specially designed high rim protector
  • Sport

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The MA-Z1 is an ultra high-performance radial featuring an aggressive unidirectional tread design. The MA-Z1 offers excellent cornering and handling ability as well as superior wet and dry traction.

Tyre Sizes

Tyre Size Load Index Speed Rating Label
235/40ZR17 94 W
255/45ZR18 103 W
245/35ZR19 93 W
275/35ZR19 100 W