Trailermaxx CR-966

Tough casing and advanced groove design for excellent water dispersal make this a caravaners favourite.

  • Heavy duty construction provides durability combined with strength whilst travelling at highway speeds with heavy loads.
  • Extra tough casing with specially designed pattern to disperse water at speed.
  • A favourite with caravan owners around the country
  • OE fit for some caravan manufacturers
  • Trailer

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Tyre Size Service Description Load Index Max PSI Label
145R10 74N 74
145R10 84/82N 84
195/55R10 98/96P 98
125R12C 81J 81
185/60R12C 104/101N 104
195/60R12C 104/102N 104
225/55R12C 104/101N 104
155R13 91/89N 91
155R13 84N 84
195/50R13C 104/101N 104
195/70R14 96N 96
175/65R15 93N 93